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House Oversight Committee on Finance

House Oversight Committee on Finance "Disbanded" After Controversial Report

Somalia's Lower House has disbanded the Parliamentary oversight committee on Finance and budget two days after a report it released alleging missapropriation of funds at the Ministry of Finance and Banaadir Regional Administration was nullified. The Deputy Speaker of the Lower House Mahad Salad issued a statement on Wednesday to the effect that the commission is no longer operational citing the controversial report. The report Alleging Missapropriation Of More than $40M was a subject of a heated debate on Saturday afternoon. The Second Deputy Speaker of the Lower House Mahad Salad termed the report "unprocedural" Salad said the report lacked reference documents and sources. Salad apologised to the Ministry of Finance and other government agencies involved saying "Proper procedures were not followed" in the report. Analysts however read politics in the push and pull that was witnessed in Parliament on Saturday with ten members of the committee distancing themselves from the report. The members claim they did not sign up to the report and were against it's release. The secretary of the committee Abdullah Abdi Nur defended the report and said he would offer as evidence videos and photographs of all members signing up to the report. Finance Minister Abdirahman Beileh appeared before the Lower House and termed the report that put hom on the scope as "a dissapointment" "false"and "politicised".