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"Gen Gabre" Arrested Over "Arms Sales" & Meddling In Somalia & Ethio-Somali State

Controversial Ethiopian Colonel who enjoyed a lengthy career as Addis Ababa’s point man in Mogadishu has been arrested, Sources tell Radio Dalsan. Col. Gebregziabher Alemseged, known to most Somalis as simply ‘General Gabre’ was reportedly arrested early Friday by Ethiopian authorities. "Gen Gabre" is reportedly been investigated in relation to arms sales to Somalia factions and meddling in the affairs of the Ethiopian Somali state leading to conflict. Radio Dalsan has learnt that Somalia government had been consulted ahead of the arrest. On Wednesday President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo adressed the nation pledging that the Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy had taken aa policy on non-interference in Somalia unlike the previous regime. Gabre's sour reaction to the Presidential election win by Farmaajo made it clear that the HaileMariam Desalegn administration had backed a Hassan Sheikh Mohamud return to Villa Somalia. He had served as the Senior Political Advisor on Somalia matters to regional bloc IGAD until his dismissal in July 2017. Colonel Gabre’s decades long involvement in Somalia began in 2006 when Ethiopian troops invaded Somalia to topple the ICU at the behest of their American financiers and with an invitation from then President Abdullahi Yusuf. Gabre was the highest ranking Ethiopian commander in Somalia and quickly used his influence to gain an audience within Somalia’s business and political circles, including UN agencies. Ethiopia’s use of indiscriminate shelling against civilian populations during the battle to dislodge ICU fighters from Mogadishu led to many Somali’s to accuse him being complicit in war crimes. Col. Gabre is generally disliked by Somalis earning him the name "the butcher of Mogadishu" with many viewing his presence in Somalia as a destabilizing factor working for Ethiopian interests.