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Farmaajo Hails Ethiopia's Abiy Govt For It's

Farmaajo Hails Ethiopia's Abiy Govt For It's "Non Intereference" Policy On Somalia, Welcomes New Horn Of Africa Co-operation

Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has for the first time adressed the nation on the the horn of Africa initiative that seeks to enhance cooperation between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Mogadishu. Farmaajo who went in air on the government run SNTV backed the initiative saying it will benefit economically the whole region including Somalis. He announced that Mogadishu will hist the next tripartite meeting by the leaders of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. He added that the leaders will work to invite Djibouti which has remained lukewarm to the initiative with regional analysts pointing fingers at it's ongoing border dispute with Eritrea as the cause. Farmaajo hailed the new Abiy administration in Addis Ababa tor it's "non interference" policy on Somalia. "Somalia has been under naked, indirect and direct interference from neighbouring countries in particular Ethiopia" Farmaajo said. "One of the first issues I discussed with the former Prime Minister Hailemarian was that Ethiopia stops it's interference. The new Prime Minister welcomes that" Farmaajo added. Eritrea's Isias Afwerki, Ethiopia's Ahmed Abiy and Farmaajo held a series of consultation in Bahr Dar Ethiopia on November 9-10. In their Consultations, the three leaders reviewed development and achivements Since the signing in Asmara of joint declaration on friendship and comprehensive cooperation between the three countries.