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Ex-President Mohamud's UPD Party Launched With Pledge To Transform Somalia

Ex-President Mohamud's UPD Party Launched With Pledge To Transform Somalia

UPD Union for Peace and Development and the dream of a new Somalia Born out of the coming together of like minds, committed to the liberation of this country from the shackles of underdevelopment, instability and incessant conflict, the Union for Peace and Development is today making itself publicly known to the people of Somalia.
The Union for Peace and Development as aptly epitomized by its name is born of the grand idea of ushering in an era of peace and prosperity in Somalia through sustained hard work, commitment, transparency and loyalty. UPD is not the magic bullet for Somalia but its ideas and policies shall form the basis for gradually but surely transforming our country from years of difficulties attributed to a myriad of factors to a modern state among the community of nations.
We believe the unyielding determination and goodwill of our people needs an enabling environment through which each member of our society can live peacefully and access opportunities to build own livelihoods. UPD is committed to bringing that environment into being with the support of all Somalis of goodwill.
The enterprising spirt of Somali people cannot be gainsaid. Despite the difficult periods which has stained our country’s history, Somalis have, like the proverbial phoenix defied odds and risen from ashes to take their children to school, build schools, hospitals, and pay taxes for the recovery of their nation. UPD pays tribute to all Somalis for the sacrifices, some of which, ultimately through death in the hope of a better future for generations to come.
We therefore do not take these sacrifices for granted but we commit; we take the vow to provide genuine leadership to this country without underestimating the efforts and contributions made by those who have come before us. Our manifesto and policies which we will subsequently share reflect these commitments anchored on the aspirations of Somalis both home and abroad.
In the coming months, we shall be rolling out a framework in which we aim to positively engage with Somalis helping them understand what we stand for and why they should consider voluntarily joining our party.
All Somalis across the country and in diaspora have a special place in UPD. The Union for Peace and Development espouses democratic ideals of equity, citizen participation and transparency from which everyone in Somalia can partake in one way or the other in the management of our public affairs.
The National Party Convention will meet in March 2019 to elect substantive office holders for each of the positions contemplated in the party’s constitution and in accordance with the respective laws of the land. This election will also set the bar for political party elections in Somalia.
Each party delegate will have the chance to participate and contribute in the way the party is run. Through this, we can build trust among Somalis in political party systems as we transition from clan based selection to political party system. We believe we can only get national politics right if we do it the right way at political party level.
The Union for Peace and Development endevours to build bridges in Somalia. We are alive to the schism that has been so pervasive in our society leading to conflicts robbing millions of livelihoods and a future. UPD commits to championing genuine peace and reconciliation efforts across the country. This, we believe is fundamental in marshalling national support and contribution to nation building.
We invite one and all to join hands with UPD in charting a new course for stability, peace, justice and prosperity for Somalia.