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Hassan Sheikh-led political party forced to amend name

Hassan Sheikh-led political party forced to amend name

The former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud-led political party, which was launched recently,  has been met with the first hurdle following a protest by another political entity registered under a similar name.
Owing to the legal protest, the Union for Peace and Democracy (UPD), comprising two political parties, Daljir and Horusocod, has been forced to change its name to "Union for Peace and Development". In a press statement, members of the party resolved to amend the name of the party “to be expressed as Union for Peace and Development, but retained the same UPD acronym.”
"As a national political party driven by the overarching need to set the bar on dispute resolution in Somalia, we believe a case involving a party name should not stand in our way of addressing and delivering to the aspirations of millions of Somalis both home and abroad," read part of the statement.
It, however, assured its supporters and the general public that the name change doesn't in any way affect all other operations and party's plan. The change in name was informed by Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan, who lodged a formal complaint accusing the new political party of “stealing the name” of his party, which was formed in 2011. He had vowed to take the former President and his team to court.
The new party is expected to host a big ceremony in Mogadishu on Thursday to officially launch the political outfit. Former President, Hassan Sheikh, is expected to be installed as party leader.