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Farmaajo Gifts Somalia's Famous Couple Fully Catered Honeymoon & Safehouse

Farmaajo Gifts Somalia's Famous Couple Fully Catered Honeymoon & Safehouse

The newly wedded Ruqiya and Mohamed have become Somalia's most famous couple with their story a true testimony of love beyond ethnicity and social status and champions of social justice.
The whole nation and the diaspora have been keenly following the story of the couple since Dalsan Media broke it four days ago when we reported the merciless lynching of Mohamed's uncle Ahmed Salat by in laws protesting their marriage.
Discrimination and persecution of marginalised community became the trendong topic in Parliament, the public and social media with Dalsan TV spearheading the debate by hosting the couple for a talk show dubbed "Couple of The Year" where Senators, Mps, rights activists converged to face the almost taboo topic head on.
President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo's government gifted the couple with a fully catered for honeymoon package that included a five star accomodation.
Radio Dalsan accompanied the couple to their hotel a well furnished upmarket room complete with a guest lounge, two spacious sitting rooms and kingsize bed.
"I thank the Somali people and the government for showing their suppport for us. I promise Ruqiyah that I will love her for the rest of my life. I want us to enjoy life with her forever" Mohamed said as they walked around the room in disbelief.
Ruqiyah was reserved with her words evidence of what they may have gone through since the killing of Ahmed Salat.
"I thank the government and will ensure this love stays forever" she told Radio Dalsan as she sat to have a feel of the kingsize bed.
Somalis in Somalia and diaspora have in the past three days raised funds for the couple and the family of Ahmed Mukhtar Salat through Go Fund Me.
So far more than $7500 has been raised.