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Banaadir Regional Admnistration Intensifies

Banaadir Regional Admnistration Intensifies "War On Forgery"

The Mayor of Mogadishu and as well the Banadir governor, Mr. Abdirahman Omar Eng Yarisow has acknowledged the Somali Police recent operation to arrest members who involved in forgery documents black market in Mogadishu. Adding to that, the Governor mentioned the establishment of offices at districts in Banadir that will offer any legal documents the public may need. I would advise the public of Banadir to confirm the legality of their legal documents, because today, our government institutions are well prepared to confirm the legitimacy of individual legal documents including passports, business license, birth certificates and etc, said Mr Abdirahman. The Governor of Banadir highlighted the importance of the Attorney General to immediately bring the suspected forgers before Banadir regional court, thus making the campaign against corruption and fake documentation successful. The Governor ordered the Mogadishu secular army and Banadir local municipalities in cooperation with the Somali police to counter forgery market centers as well businesses that are carried using fake licenses