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2 Somalia ISIS Members Get A 15yr Jail Term 

2 Somalia ISIS Members Get A 15yr Jail Term 

Somalia's Military court on Thursday found Mahad Abdi "Abu Yassin" and Daud Warsame guilty of being members of ISIS.
The two were slapped a 15 years jail term by Military Court Judge Hassan Ali Shute.
Abuu Yassin who has a dual Russian and Somali citizenship is said to have fallen out with Abdulkadir Muumin the Somali-British leader of the ISIS Somalia.
He is married to an ethnic Chechen Russian wife and fought alongside ISIS in Syria before he settled in Somalia.
The court heard that Abu Yassin who was to establish a splinter group to rival Mumin's.
Daud Warsame said to be a physician allegedly was the man receiving fundings through remmittance from abroad.
He had operated a Chemist in South Africa before settling in Somalia to join AlShabaab and later ISIS.
Warsame also known as Dr. Raage operared a Chemist in Mogadishu's Bakara Market.
The two are free to appeal the verdict.
The prosecution had been seeking the death penalty.
The lawyers representing the two ISIS suspects told the court that their clients had renounced the group.
Last Thursday the Military court sentenced an ISIS operative Jama Hussein Hassan to life imprisonment afyer he was convicted for being a member of a terrorist group and planting explosives.
The ISIS operative was arrested in April as he was planting IEDs at Bodbodka near Afgoye some 30km from Somalia capital Mogadishu.
He had been based in the rough terrains of Galgaal a hotbed of Pro-ISIS militants led by Sheikh Abdiqadir Mumin.