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Somalia's Nur Sheikh Takes Up IGAD Position After Ethiopia's Gen Gabre Exit
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Somalia's Nur Sheikh Takes Up IGAD Position After Ethiopia's Gen Gabre Exit

Somalia's Nur Mohamud Sheikh is now the Senior Political Advisor to regional bloc IGAD's Special envoy to South Sudan.
The position fell vacant after the June 26 termination of controversial Ethiopia's former military attache to Somalia Colonel Gebregziabher Alemseged popularly knows as "Gen Gabre".
"After Colonel Gebre was retired, the position was advertised. I applied and competed with candidates from other IGAD member states" Sheikh told Radio Dalsan in an interview.
"I was interviewed on 02 July. I came top in the interviews and was offered the position" Sheikh said.
"The role entails advising the IGAD South Sudan Envoy on political developments in South Sudan and the region as regards the peace process" Sheikh told Radio Dalsan.
Sheikh told Radio Dalsan that his apppointment is not only an honor to himself but to Somalia.
"For Somalia it means appreciation by IGAD of the capacity that Somalia can bring to IGAD. There are a few Somalia nationals working for IGAD.It also means Somalia nationals are qualified just like any other candidate from member states for IGAD and should be given the opportunity to serve and own and be part of IGAD policy processes"
Sheikh has a dual British and Somali citizenship.
He said he is up to the task for the position and looka forward to applying his international acquired skills to benefit IGAD, Somalia and Africa.
He hails from the coastal town of Barawa in the South West State region where he was born in 1969.
Before his new position at IGAD Sheikh had served as Senior Humanitarian Advisor at IGAD and later worked for the UN in New York and then Nairobi.
He holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Violence, Conflict and Development from the School of Oriental Studies (SOAS), University of London.