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Alshabaab Cuts Off Hand Of Somali Man For

Alshabaab Cuts Off Hand Of Somali Man For "Stealing"

Somali militant group Al-Shabaab cut off the right hand of a suspected thief in Kunyo Barrow. 24 year old Madey Abdulkadir Zaki was found guilty by an AlShabaab court of stealing 1 million Somali shilling, a mobile phone and sandals from a pharmacy in Farsoley village in Lower Shabelle region. The man according to the group confessed the theft. Meanwhile on Friday a boy said to be undergage got 39 lashes for "adultery" newr El Bur town. Two men got 100 lashes each. A woman was given 100 lashes but punishment was deferred since she is pregnant according to the militant affiliated websites.