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Brussels Forum Does Not Concern Us, Somaliland President Says
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Brussels Forum Does Not Concern Us, Somaliland President Says

Somaliland authorities have said the ongoing conference in Brussels, Belgium, between the Somali government and International Partners is not relevant to the Somaliland government.
A statement from the Somaliland’s Office of the President stated the Brussels conference is similar to earlier conferences held in Mogadishu and Garowe.
"The conference in Brussels is intended to benefit the Somali Government and has  nothing to do with Somaliland," said a brief statement from Somaliland's Office of the President.
Meanwhile, the Somaliland House of Representatives has observed that the Brussels conference is a disruption of the international community’s support for Somaliland.
The Somaliland Lower House said that Somali Government was keen at fronting some restrictions to  Somaliland in order to cut off international aid.
They accused the Somali Government of swaying foreign nations against Somaliland and called upon the Somaliland Foreign Affairs Minister to counter Somalia’s strategy in order to enable Somaliland to get its fair share of international grants.
They also criticized opposition’s Justice and Welfare (UCID) party leader Faisal Ali Warabe, who is in Brussels, terming him a national criminal offender.
The Brussels conference is set to highlight key security issues including the ongoing Tukaraq conflict between Somaliland and Puntland.