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Erdogan Re-Elected As Turkey President, Farmaajo Offers Congratulations
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Erdogan Re-Elected As Turkey President, Farmaajo Offers Congratulations

Incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has has secured another five years to lead Turkey. Voting polls have closed in Turkey, the results of which will determine if incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan secures another five years in office.
The main challenger to Erdogan was  centre-left candidate Muharrem Ince This year's elections are unprecedented, as the winner of the presidency will wield executive powers — and the prime minister post booted — under a new set of reforms backed by Erdogan and later adopted after his 'yes' campaign won a referendum. Somalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has congratulated Erdogan on his early lead. "Congratulations to President on his successful Presidential election. The government & people of Somalia congratulate the People of Turkey on their historic presidential and parliamentary elections. Turkey a valuable partner of Somalia." Farmaajo tweeted late Sunday. Turkey is Somalia's major development partner under Erdogan. Turkish voters had two ballots, one for the presidency, and another for parliament.  
  • Voting has closed in the Turkish election and so far Erdogan is in the lead with around 53%, while Muharrem Ince trails behind on about 30.5%.
  • In the parliamentary vote, AKP has garnered around 43% of the vote, while CHP are on about 22%.
  • The pro-Kurdish HDP party has surpassed the 10% threshold required for their politicians to be eligible to enter parliament.
  • Voter turnout has also been recorded at a whopping 87% for both the presidential and parliamentary elections.
  • Some deaths have been reported during the election. In the city of Erzurum, eastern Turkey, Good Party representative Mehmet Sıddık Durmaz and two other party workers were shot and killed