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Casualties Reported As Fighting Erupts In Tukaraq

Casualties Reported As Fighting Erupts In Tukaraq

Somalia's Puntland State and the breakaway Somaliland clashed on Thursday morning in the border town of Tukaraq, Radio Dalsan reports. Residents told Radio Dalsan that both sides were using heavy artillery in this latest flare up between in the disputed Sool region. Hundreds of residents have been forced to flee with the fighting is reported to be on going with deaths feared from both sides. Somaliland and Puntland are both pointing fingers at the other for starting this latest fighting.

"Farmaajo's militia attacked Somaliland's armed forces around 6 AM this morning. Soldiers from both sides were killed & wounded in the battle" Abdullahi Guri Barwaqo Somaliland's Information Minister said .

Both Puntland and Somaliland are claiming victory in the Thursday fighting.

Last week at least 20 soldiers were killed in renewed fighting in Tukaraq.