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Somali News

"King Of Somaliland" Jail Term Reduced To 3 Years After Appeal

Somaliland Court of Appeal has reduced the five year jail sentence slapped on the traditional leader Osman Mohamud Burmaadow to three years, Radio Dalsan reports. The self declared "King of Somaliland" had appealed against the April 2018 verdict by a Somaliland court. Osman Mohamud Burmaadow  was arrested and charged after he returned to the breakaway regions administrative capital Hargeisa after attending the inauguration of a traditional leader in neighbouring Puntland. The charges were linked to alleged anti-Somaliland sentiments he uttered in Armo, Puntland which the prosecution said amounted to “treason” He was charged with uttering words that are “dangerous to Somaliland sovereignty” according to the prosecution.