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Fireworks Display,
Somali News

Fireworks Display, "Mortar Shelling" & Grenade Attack Usher In Ramadan In Mogadishu

Residents of Wabeeri, Howl-Wadag and Hamarweyne in the Somalia capital reported mortar shelling explosions in the districts on then eve of the month of Ramadan. The explosions were heard from 7pm to 10 pm evening. Police however later denied reports of mortar shelling. According to the Police,  Alshabaab had popped plastic bags filled with explosive material in several locations in the city to "scare" residents. In other parts of Mogadishu a different explosion was heard as residents ushered the new month with fireworks display on Wednesday night. In Dabka area of Hawlwadag district two grenades were hurled into the home of a former District Commissioner. Two soldiers were slightly wounded in the  grenade attack. Meanwhile Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and Prime Minister Hassan Khaire send their Ramadan message to the nation and prayed for peace and prosperity for Somalia. Somalia government last week said it will intensify security in the city in anticipation of a surge in attacks by the Alqaeda linked militant group Alshabaab during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan