Four civilians were on Saturday killed when an explosion hit a market in the lower shabelle town of Bulo Mareer, residents and officials said.

The explosion occurred at a time when activities at the town's main market was at its peak high.

Officials say 2 Somalia National Army soldiers were injured in the explosion which repprtedly had targeted them.

Five civilians were injured.

The blast comes two days after a similar one in Wanlaweyn some 90km north west of Mogadishu which killed 11 people at a Khat market.

There has been no immediate claim to the attack.

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    This is indeed sad & more is needed urgently for the victims of specifically floods; and the entire Somali people including Diaspora should help out

  2. The commander and officer of an elite special U.S. forces deployed in East Africa are being investigated for alleged sexual misconduct

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    POLL: Considering the current state of internal and foreign policies of the country, who really rules Somalia?

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    You should obviously pre-order this

  5. Iran nuclear deal: Europe strives to keep agreement

  6. Mogadishu Grand Prix, 1938 Alpozzi_Photo

  7. Dekedaha FC wins the double - the national football league and basketball championship! Congrats!

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    Congratulations to the students graduating from the Mogadishu Marine High School Facilities ! Here's to the future of a bright and booming domestic fishing industry in .

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    More than 718,00 people have been affected by the floods in the central and southern regions of Somalia, with , and Lower Juba worst hit. This is , where 204,000 people have been displaced.

  10. U.S. military statement on reports of civilian casualties following an operation at Ma’alinka village near Afgoye Thursday

  11. BREAKING: Guard killed, two British tourists kidnapped in DRCongo wildlife sanctuary: park authorities:

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    UAE extends military reach in Yemen and Somalia

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    UPDATE — Operation that captured 5 senior Daesh members in Iraq first started with a leading Daesh member being apprehended in Turkey and deported to Iraq, MFA Spox Aksoy says, adding Turkey is pleased with its success

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    After disputed Macalinka raid, U.S. military should make more efforts to address claims of civilian casualties in

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    The East African Community will not send election observers to for the May 17 constitutional referendum

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    We've seen UAE try to establish bases in . Here's a look at its efforts in Yemen.

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    : State Media ENA quoted Attorney General's office as saying charges of 62 individuals discontinued. It includes 26 inmates from the including cardiologist Dr. Fikru Maru. 4 inmates will continue defending charges. See B/g

  18. Using Somalia as a leverage, Ugandan MPs oppose a recommendation from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to move a major logistics base out of the country. MPs say the move would be an injustice, given UPDF sacrifices in Somalia since 2007.

  19. US Apologizes to Canadian Minister Asked to Remove Turban

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