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The Mystery of The
Somali News

The Mystery of The "Lost And Found" Somalia Draft Constitution

The recent announcement by Deputy Speaker Abdiweli Mudey that the original copy of the draft constitution that had mysteriously disappeared from the Speaker´s offices had been found is raising more questions than answers. Mudey had on April 21 at the height of the political tussle between Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari and the executive shocked the nation when he said the original copy of the Somalia Provisional Constitution that had been ratified in 2012 was missing. On Thursday Mudey presented to the media the "recovered" constitution only to raise more curiosity from the public. But those conversant with the "stolen" constitution have pointed that there two major adjustment done in the "recovered" copy. Aa section of Mps have raised concern that the draft copy that was distributed by Mudey on Thursday indicated the number of Mps to be 225 and not 275. The Presidential term is indicated as five years and not four. "The whole controversy was created to extend the term of thof president" Adam Abdulle tweeted. "I love the fact that the Somali constitution was “lost” and then found with an amendment extending the presidential term. my country truly is a magical place" Geek In The jungle tweeted. Speaker candidate Ibrahim Yarow told Radio Dalsan that the modification may be linked to the April 30 election. "We are concerned it may be a move to technically dismiss 50 Mps from voting for the Speaker of Parliament" Yarow said. On Saturday The Joint Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Constitutional review and Implementation became the latest voice to dismiss the "recovered" draft constitution. “We have seen another constitution circulating around claimed to be real and distributed in parliament April 25th. That was a draft constitution and was amended by the elders and the technical committee.” a statement from the committee said.   The Somalia Provisional Constitution was approved by elders in August 2012  and handed over to the 9th Parliament.