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Somaliland Author Jailed for 18 Months For
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Somaliland Author Jailed for 18 Months For "Offending President"

A regional court in Hargeisa Somaliland on Monday sentenced author Mohamed Kayse Mohamoud to 18 months in prison over what is said was “offending the honour of the President". The charge sheet indicated that the charge is related to a Facebook post saying the “president is a local,” The presiding judge said the post was offending since he is a "national President" and not "local" in reference to clan alignment in the breakaway region. Mohamud was arrested on 7th February 2018 and was detained since. Mohamud authored a book in praise of Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo to mark his first anniversary in office. On Sunday the regional court in Hargeisa sentenced  poet and activist Naema Ahmed Ibrahim to three years in prison over charges related to her quest for a "Greater Somalia".