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Somalia Citizens Decry
Somali News

Somalia Citizens Decry "Discrimination" In Amisom Jobs Opportunities

There is hue and cry among Somali professionals who claim of targeted discrimination in job allocations by the African Union Mission to Somalia Amisom.

An official complaint by the professionals has been lodged to the Prime Minister’s office seeking intervention by the Somali government.

VOA Somali spoke to Somalia citizen professionals who claim to have been denied equal opportunities after sitting fir an interview in March 2017 after the jobs were advertised by African Union.

“We were eleven in number including me the only female in the group we were communicated to and informed that we had succeeded. Then we were told to wait until now we have not been contacted” Muna Bashir Mohamed told VOA Somali

VOA Somali interviewed two more of Somalia citizens who had been interviewed on the same date and the answer was similar to Muna’s.

They have no hope of being employed by African Union and Amisom even after the communication that they had succeeded following the interview.

Most of the Somalia citizens working or contracted by Amisom are interpreters, media consultants and reporters.

Some of these employees allege a discriminative working policy.

There has not been an official respond by the Somalia government following the complaints.

Amisom has denied existence of a policy that discriminate Somalia citizens in career opportunities.