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Mystery As Somalia Intercepts UAE Plane Loaded With $17M

Mystery As Somalia Intercepts UAE Plane Loaded With $17M

A UAE plane from Abu Dhabi was on Sunday intercepted with atleast $ 17 million at the Aden Abdulle Airport.
Radio Dalsan has acquired the details of the chartered plane Royal Jet Flight No. ROJ04 a boeing 737/700 registered A6-DAS from Abu Dhabi.
For hours officials from the UAE Embassy and Somalia government were on a standoff after the interception.
A source from NISA confirmed the total amount to be $17 million and had been confiscated by the Central Bank Of Somalia.
According to a source the  UAE officials had informed the Somali government that the  cash was meant for use at the Imarati Embassy and a project on Garowe Puntland.
The interception triggered curiosity among Somalis questioning its timing on the eve of the third attempt of an impeachment motion against Speaker.
In January Somalia government seized bullet proof building materials  cargo meant for the Imarati Embassy. The cargo was later released  after interveption by Prime Minister Hassan Khaire.