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AMISOM WIll Take Over Parliament Security Only On Request By Somalia,  Madeira Says

AMISOM WIll Take Over Parliament Security Only On Request By Somalia, Madeira Says

The African Union Special Representative to Somalia Amb. Francesco Gaetano Madeira has reversed an earlier declaration by Amisom Commander Paul Lokech that it had taken over Parliaments's security after the Wednesday standoff. "The African Union Commission and AMisom respect the sovereignty of the people of Somalia and recognize their rights and have full confidence in the capacity of its Leadership to address the challenges besetting their country including the current political challenges that saw the Lower house of the parliament being split in two" Madeira said. "In this context, AMISOM has no mandate to impose on the Somali people and, indeed, on the Parliament, the way they should conduct their business. AMISOM will, therefore, not take control of the House of the People unless the competent Somali authorities request it to do so in full respect and within the parameters of AMISOM mandate" he stated. "AU and AMISOM recognize and respect the right of the Somali Federal Parliament to determine when, where and how they conduct their business. It is therefore not the responsibility of AMISOM to determine where and how they should handle their parliamentary activities" Madeira statement said. AU says it will continue to back the Federal institituions until Somalia is ready to tale over its security. AU calls for rival politicians to resolve the current political stalemate. "The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) is deeply concerned with the security implications of Wednesday’s developments in Parliament. I appeal to the Members of Parliament, legitimate representatives of the people of Somalia, to continue to exercise restraint as they strive to resolve the differences that oppose them". Somalia has been thrown in to a one month old political squabble pitting the Speaker of the Lower House Mohamed Osman Jawari and the Executive.