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Jawari "Broke" & His Life In Danger , Pro Speaker Mps Say

Members of the Somali Federal Parliament from the Speaker's camp demand the immediate restoration of Mohamed Osman Jawari's executive security a day after the government stripped him off his bodyguards. Speaking at a press conference held past midnight early Thursday the Mps said it is unfortunate that the security forces of the Speaker have been accused of going inside the parliament while "heavily armed" with weapons which causing the withdrawal of the force. The Somalia Military, Chief Ahmed Mohamed Jimale announced they arrested some security officers on Wednesday who caused "havoc and disruptions" in the parliament. Investigation are are going on and it is said Amisom military are guarding the speaker. Radio Dalsan has also learnt that Speaker Jawari has run out of finances to oversee Parliamentary procedures ten days after the Central government was ordered by Deputy Speaker Abdiweli Mudey to bar him from accessing the Central bank account.