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With No Twitter Or Facebook Jawari Yet Again Falls Victim To
Somali News

With No Twitter Or Facebook Jawari Yet Again Falls Victim To "Fake News"

A statement from the office of the Lower House Speaker has dismissed reports making rounds on social media that Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari has resigned. The reports emerged after the early Saturday meeting between President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and Jawari which concluded with the suspension of an impeachment motion against the Speaker. In the statement the Office of the speaker termed the reports as "propaganda" and asked the public to be wary. But was not the first time that Jawari has come up to rubbish such "propaganda" against him. Unlike the President and Prime Minister Jawari has no official Twitter or Facebook account to update followers about his activities and Somalis have heard to depend on reports or statements shared by others on social media. President Farmaajo,Prime Minister Khaire and majority of Ministers and MPs have effectively used social media to link up with the public. This has in the past put the long serving Speaker at awkward situation. In August 2015 a "Jawari" fake account @federalParl was involved in an internet brawl with Kenya's Leader of Majority in Parliament Aden Dualle all this playing out to the public. "Mr Speaker you demean the office you hold and you are a beneficiary of your clan hegemony shame on you" Dualle tweeted in response to a fake Jawari account that used abusive words on him. Dualle was later to apologise to Jawari after it turned out the account was fake and the Somali intelligence agency NISA launched an investigation to find out who was behind it. With the current political crisis at rife the trickling of information from the office to the public has notably slow paced offerings enough space for rumour mills to thrive.