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Kenya Announces Suspension Of Somali Border Security Wall Construction
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Kenya Announces Suspension Of Somali Border Security Wall Construction

The Governors of Kenya's Mandera County Ali Roba and Somalia's Gedo region Mohamud Aden on Friday held their fast meeting to come up with a committee that will resolve the border dispute that has led to three weeks protest in Beled Hawo. In a joint statement the two announced that "amicable solution" was been brokered between Kenya and Somalia government.
"As leaders from both regions, we agreed to suspend the wall construction until bilateral talks between the two countries are concluded" Roba told journalists after a meeting between the  in Mandera 
"We are alarmed by snippets of misinformation in social media that Kenyan military have raided the border and are demolishing houses. There is no military occupation nor is there a single house that has been demolished by Kenyan troops. Treat that as propaganda by enemies of good relations that Mandera County and Gedo region enjoy" Roba said.
The two Governors called for calmness amid violent protests in Beled Hawo that recently witnessed the burning of imported Khat from Kenya and closure of the Somali border.
"As leaders of the two regions, our responsibilities extend to protection of the general public through creation of a cordial relationship between the two population" they stated.
Somalia government last week announced that President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta had talked over the phone regarding the border dispute and called for the formation of a joint committee to resolve the issue.
Kenya says it is constructing a wall along its border with Somalia to improve its security and avert attacks by militant group Alshabaab which has continued to execute cross border attacks targeting government security forces and non locals.