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UFO Sighted Above Central Somalia Village, Residents Claim
Somali News

UFO Sighted Above Central Somalia Village, Residents Claim

Residents of a town in Central Somalia claim to have witnessed a peculiar incident and an unidentified Flying Object (UFO) on Tuesday .
According to a local media the residents of Qoryaaley village in Jalalaqsi district of Hiran Province claim to have seen "a town hanging in the clouds" .
"My brother and I we saw with our own eyes a whole town moving with different buildings, trees and mosques. Some of the houses had long windows. This thing appeared from the northern side and varnished towards the southern side." Amin Ali Makaraan a resident told local media
 "When the whole village came out and saw the moving town some people went close to see it by themselves whereas others began to read the Holy Quran." added Amin.
Jalalaqsi District Officer, Mohammed Ali Fidow, spoke  to the media saying it is the locals who alerted  the authority about the image of city like moving object in the sky and  he affirmed to have witnessed it.
However, some people said that they saw a rocket like image on the sky moving in low altitude.
The local authority is baffled and has launched an investigation into the UFO sighting.