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Somalia Hits Out At UNSOM For
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Somalia Hits Out At UNSOM For "Sensationalizing" Local Politics

Somalia's Ambassador to the UN Abukar Osman on Tuesday accused the United Nations Somalia Mission of overstepping its mandate by sensationalizing political trends. "We remain deeply concerned with UNSOM senior officials periodically making erroneous statements during conferences on political issues on Somalia" Osman told the UN Security Council. "We are further troubled by the negative impacts these statements generate in UNSC as well as in Somalia. Those actions shouldn't get the UNSC members distracted from the challenges and issues on the ground" Osman said addressing the UNSC. "Accordingly we strongly urge UNSOM leadership to remain committed on carrying out their duties as set out in their mandate and refrain from sensationalizing political trends which can be harmful to our current effort in the government led political process as well as peace and political stability in Somalia" he said. Somalia was apparently reacting to the UN annual report presented to the UN Security council by Michael Keating the UN Special Representative of the General Secretary. in his speech Keating had pointed out the arrest of politician Abdirahman Warsame and the dismissal of Mayor Thabit as unbecoming of the Farmaajo administration. "These incidents have highlighted basic problems that need to be addressed, such as the inadequate rules and safeguards governing the conduct of politics, including impeachment procedures; blurred roles and lines of accountability of the many security actors; and the perpetuation of corrupt practices and of untraceable money in the political marketplace" Keating told the UN Security Council last January.