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3 Killed As VBIED Blast Hits SNA Afgoye Base
Somali News

3 Killed As VBIED Blast Hits SNA Afgoye Base

A suicide bomber on Friday drove into a Somalia National Army military base and detonated himself killing at least 3 people, Radio Dalsan reports.

The suicide bombing was followed by a gunfight between militants and the government soldiers. "The vehicle forced itself into the compound of the military base before exploding.The base has been partly destroyed.

About fifteen people were injured and ten killed" Mohamed Mahmud a resident of Afgoye told Radio Dalsan.

The base belongs to UAE trained Somalia National Army soldiers Alshabaab has recently  intensified its attacks on government and Amisom soldiers in and out of the agricultural town which is 30km from the capital Mogadishu  .

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