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I Child Killed In Mogadishu Mortar Shelling
Somali News

I Child Killed In Mogadishu Mortar Shelling

At least eight motor shells were fired in different areas in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Thursday killing one child.

Several people are reported injured including five children.

A resident of  Wardhigley district confirmed to Radio Dalsan that a motor shell hit in the vicinity of his neighbourhood.

Other mortar shellings were reported near the Mogadishu Stadium and  Bar Ayan area.

The shelling occurred an hour after a suicide bomber detonated a VBIED at a security checkpoint in the Kahda district.

Several civilians and soldiers were injured in the bombing.

A security alert issued on Tuesday by the UN  indicated an imminent attack in Mogadishu by the Alqaeda linked Alshabaab..

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