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Somalia Minister Dismisses  Farmaajo-Kheyre Rift As
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Somalia Minister Dismisses Farmaajo-Kheyre Rift As "Fake News"

Somalia's Constitutional Minister Abdi Hosh has rubbished talk of an emerging rift between President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo and Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre. "Rumours floating around about a possible rift between the President and the Prime Minister are not true and are a product of fake news" Abdi Hosh posted on Wednesday on his official Facebook account. "You can take this info all the way to the bank" the Minister who has been vocal in defending the Farmaajo administration said. The post triggered a debate over the relationship between Farmaajo and Kheire. "Rumours are part of life. One thing is however certain.The inevitability of clash because of the nature of the setup. In this rigamarole system, nobody knows who is accountable to whom or who wields the ultimate power" Gaaruun Yaalax commented on the post. "Let's revisit the issue ten months or a year from now and see who is still standing" Yaalax added Upon taking over as the President of Somalia in February 2017 Farmaajo appointed Kheire as the Prime Minister in April. The past administrations from the Yusuf Abdullahi Presidency through Shariff Sheikh Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud relations between Villa Somalia and the Office of the PM had been frosty. Rumours have been rife over an emerging rift between Farmaajo and Kheire although both offices have downplayed it.