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Djibouti President Gelle Meets Hirshabelle's Ware Over Security & Dev't Partnership
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Djibouti President Gelle Meets Hirshabelle's Ware Over Security & Dev't Partnership

Djibouti President Mr. Ismail Omar Gelle received at his office a high-level delegation from Somalia's Hirshabelle State, led by the regional president  Mr Mohamed Abdi Ware to discuss preparations ahead of the gradual withdrawal of Amisom troops in 2020.
The delegation is on a three-day visit of Djibouti an Amisom troops contributing country.
President Gelle asserted that the Red Sea country will ensure the stability of Hirshabelle State.
"My troops are in your region to protect and defend the People of Hirshabelle. We will play a major role for developing after stabilizing the region, Djibouti will invest in the sectors of Agriculture, Industrial, Livestock, Fishing, mining and will guarantee the natural recourses of Hirshabele for the international investor'' Mr Gelle said.
The President of Hirshabelle Mr Ware thanked Djibouti president and Djibouti Ambassador for Somalia Dr Aden Hassan Aden who had initiated the trip.
Dr Aden has been instrumental in linking the two neighbouring countries in the rebuilding of Somalia and the peace and reconciliation process.
  President Ware praised Djibouti's role in Somalia since the fall of the central government in Somalia in 1991 acknowledging the trip as "historic" Speaking to the Press after the meeting Ambassador Dr Aden Hassan Aden  Beleloo echoed President Gelle's commitment to ensuring stability pivotal stance of the region. "Somalia is our sister country who unfortunately faced civil war, warlords, terrorism and misfortune after another but now is the time for hopeful dreams to come true," Dr Aden said.
Djibouti has an estimated 2000 boots on the ground in the Hirshabelle State
"Our soldiers are ready at all time to assist, protect, train and help as their sons in Somalia so we are ready to sacrifice our blood for Somalia" Dr Aden said.
Then meeting follows the recent signing of a deal between Djibouti and South West State that would see the reconstruction of the Merca port.