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Banaadir Status Be Defined, Jubaland’s Madoobe Says
Somali News

Banaadir Status Be Defined, Jubaland’s Madoobe Says

Somalia’s Jubbaland state president Ahmed Mohamed Islam "Madoobe” on Sunday night said that the status of Banaadir region should be defined, Radio Dalsan reports.

Speaking to the media at Banaadir Administration headquarters, Madoobe said that it’s important to know who is making the region not get its status defined.

“The Banadir region, the city, the status is mostly talked about. What is the problem first?” inquired Mr. Madoobe.

Madoobe said that defining the Banaadir status is a constitutional right which will benefit all the Somali people and called on the concerned parties to immediately act on it.

“That is a constitutional right. And we talked about it several times. That the status of the city, the region and what it will get should be defined. It will be the benefit of every Somali person,” said Mr Madoobe.

“We want the issue to be acted on immediately as we said in the last meetings. And we want there to be no disagreement about the issue. And I will work with you on that,” added Mr Madoobe.

The Governor of Banaadir region and Mayor of Mogadishu Abdirahman Omar Osman “Yarisow” invited all the regional state presidents who were in Mogadishu to attend a National security meeting for a special dinner in Banaadir Administration headquarters on Sunday night.

Moves to have the region acquire a state status have been evasive in the past governments.