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Djibouti To Boost Somalia State TV & Radio

Djibouti To Boost Somalia State TV & Radio

Djibouti and Somalia are to sign a Memorandum of Understanding that will be a major boost to the state-run Somalia National Television and Radio.
On Wednesday Somalia Deputy Minister of Information Abdirahman Lidan Yonis held a meeting with Djibouti Ambassador to Somalia Dr Aden Hassan Aden at the country's Embassy in Mogadishu where he officially asked for cooperation in the sector of information.
Yonis appreciated Djibouti President Ismael Guelleh's gesture in 2009 of equipping SNTV and radio to revamp the state media which like most sectors in the country had been devastated by the two-decade civil war.
Ambassador Aden told reporters after the meeting that Djibouti was committed to assist neighbouring Somalia referring to the two Horn of Africa countries as two "brotherly nations".
"We will do all it takes to develop Somalia particularly the destroyed institutions and the broken hearts of Somali people who deserve to have a better future" Dr Aden said after the meeting.
"President Guelleh is focused on the good of this country and has asserted time and again that I ensure our brotherly relations continue to flourish" the envoy added.
Minister Yonis is to be accompanied by a delegation to Djibouti to ink the deal seen to be a major boost to local broadcasting.The MOU will enable RTN TV and SNTV and Radio to share news and broadcasting as sisterly stations.