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Ex Mayor Thabit Receives Best Somali Leader Award
Somali News

Ex Mayor Thabit Receives Best Somali Leader Award

Former Mayor of Mogadishu and Governor of Banaadir region Thabit Abdi Mohamed was on Friday night awarded a National Leadership Award, Radio Dalsan reports.

In a colourful ceremony held in Mogadishu, Mohamed was rewarded for fulfilling his leadership duties accordingly by Vision Leadership Academy – a leadership development institute.

The award was based on opinion polls collected from residents in administrative capitals of Somalia’s regional states on the best Somali leader in 2017 in terms of creating employment opportunities for youth and development of sports, reconciliation and community integration, awareness and community mobilization, improvement of social services, promotion of domestic production, women empowerment and public rights advocacy.

Joyful Mohamed said the event will be a motivation for those who serve the public.

“I appreciate the name of the word. There are such kinds of awards in the whole world. It’s an encouragement to people who serve their society. Politicians can learn from this award and similar ones that the Somali society is awake and knows the one who does something for it and the one who makes it lag behind,” said Mohamed.