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End Of Sanbalolshe's Nine Lives?
Somali News

End Of Sanbalolshe's Nine Lives?

He is probably one of the luckiest post civil war Somali political figures who like the proverbial nine lives of a cat has continued to reinvent himself in the successive administrations despite. Abdullahi Mohamed Ali popularly known as “Saanbalolshe” debuted in to the shifty Somali politics in 2009 after the death of of a clan member politician Omar Hashi Internal Security Minister in the Sheikh Shariff administration who was killed in a suicide bomb that year in Beledweyne. Saanbalolshe had been working for the UN agency OCHA based in the Kenya capital Nairobi. The 4.5 system favored him as the choice to take over the Internal Security ministry docket The former aid agency worker would then occupy in a period of ten years top government position in the Sheikh Shariff Sheikh Ahmed, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo’s administrations. In that he has been an  twice, Somalla’s Ambassador to the UK, Somalia Ambassador to Turkey, twice the National Intelligence Service Agency chief and Internal Security minister. Notably he did no occupy any of the positions more than one year. Sanbalolshe  was sacked as the NISA chief  together with the Police chief in October 29 following the Nasa Hablod Hotel attack where 29 people. But has the political life of Sanbalolshe finally come to an end? Last Sunday  Sanbaloshe hopes to relive his political life were dashed when he faced a sounding defeat at the Hirshabelle’s Jowhar  parliamentary seat by election. According to Abukadir Mohamed a political commentator Sanbaloolshe nine lives  may be on its political ICU “Even after three years I can imagine he will not be able to get another position. He needs to struggle for 2 reasons  his clan possibilities and his failures in the past” Abdukadir said . Sanbalolshe has blamed the  government for his defeat in the by election. Abdihakin Elmi a Nairobi based commentator on Somali politics said the reason is Sanbaloolshe is a close friend of former Premier Omar Sharmarke being his minister and campaigner with links to the UAE connection that is seen as a threat  to the Farmaajo administration.
In an interview with a local Somali TV stations the former NISA chief said that he remains a political heavy weight to be reckoned with.
He said he is well positioned to expose the ills of this  administration.
"A wounded lion can still hunt livestock" he said referring to a Somali saying.
Some analyst are of the opinion that Sanbalolshe has enough ammunition to be a thorn in the flesh of the administration.
In the past he was known for locking horns with political giants including Mps and ministers
And true to the character he has warned that the Farmaajo administration may soon face a dead end referring the government as a "young drunk child" driving a car carelessly and causing accidents.
The people who knows Samboleshe says he does not entertain tribal lines and clannish favourism. He is said  to be alweys delegating job responsibilities to his subouadinates .he is always listens to his employees .
  Sanbaloolshe remains controversial “Diaspora should go back their second home and allow me to serve you as we live here.  I don’t have a passport” he said in his election held in Jowhar on 28th of January, where he was a contestant The former NISA chief is said to have not benefited much financially from his past posts and is a loyal civil servant who is ready to confront political giants as was seen when faced off former warlords in the weapons fiasco. Sambolesha is a graduate from Nairobi universities with two degrees. He is an intellectual in management and public relations.