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Alshabaab Convict Dies In A Mogadishu Prison After A Fight

Alshabaab Convict Dies In A Mogadishu Prison After A Fight

A 22 yr old man convicted of being an AlShabaab militant was on Friday found dead at the Mogadishu Central Prison, Radio Dalsan reports. The  man was serving a seven year  jail term after he was accused of having links with Alshabaab and had already completed his first year. Prison Deputy Commander Abdikarin Ali Afrah told Radio Dalsan on phone interview that the prisoner had earlier fainted after being beaten up by another prisoner when the two argued while in a sports activity. “As you know the prisoners in the Central Prison do play football. When they were playing yesterday. As you know usually people confront each other in football. They confronted over the ball. Then there was a fight. Two men fought. The referee gave a red card to the one who committed the wrong and sent him out of the game. After that the one sent out of the game came into the field running and beat the other one” said Mr Afrah. “He was arrested. The other man slightly fainted. He was sat down. He said that he was a bit fine. He later went to his room and I was told he went to the bathroom to take a shower then slept on the bed. The hour ended there and the man died” he added. Mr Afrah denied reports by the media saying that the prisoner died for suffocation after being closed in a container following a fight with a soldier.

Both the deceased and the inmate involved in the fight were serving similar jail terms for being members of Alshabaab.

This is not the first time that a convicted Alshabaab member has died in Prison. On May 21, 2017, Deqo Dira Gedi who was serving a 15-year jail term at the  Mogadishu Central Prison died in the jail under mysterious circumstances.