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Car Bomb Injures 2 In Mogadishu

Car Bomb Injures 2 In Mogadishu

Two people were injured when a bomb that was fitted in a vehicle exploded in Mogadishu on Wednesday.

The vehicle targeted had a driver identified as “Atosh” and a second person who were both injured according to an eyewitness who spoke to Radio Dalsan.

“The IED was fitted at the back of the driver’s seat. After the explosion people at the scene rushed the two to a hospital” said Ahmed Shire, an eyewitness.

The incident occurred within Mogadishu”s  Taleh area in Hodan district.

“It was a personal car. It happened around Taleh area. There were two people in the car and both were injured” added Shire.

The two were rushed to a hospital where the driver is said to be seriously injured.

An investigation has been launched into the morning incident.