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Aweys Asks Government & Opposition To Shun Clanism, Praises ASWJ  

Aweys Asks Government & Opposition To Shun Clanism, Praises ASWJ  

Former AlShabaab leader  Sheikh Dahir Aweys has released a video message directed at the current political scenario in Somalia asking the government and the opposition to shun from clan politics, Radio Dalsan reports.

In the video shot at the scholars Mogadishu home where he has been under arrest Aweys says future of Somalia will be determined on how the government and opposition take its mandated roles.

Aweys says the vision laid down by the Farmaajo administration will remain a mirage if the government and opposition will not avoid clanism.

The militant scholar has asked the opposition to play a constructive role as the watchdog of the government and not play the clan card in politics.

Somalia`s politics has recently been through testing times following the arrest and detention of opposition figure Abdirahman Abdishakur throwing the public  into a political rift between Pro government and Pro opposition  with under tones of clan politics.

In what may be seen as an unusual statement by the former Alshabaab leader Aweys has praised his one time sworn enemy  Sufi Ahlu Sunna Wa Jamaa administration for keeping peace in areas it controlled.

This is the second video message to be released by Aweys since he was put under house arrest in 2013 after he fled Alshabaab following leadership wrangles.