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EXCLUSIVE: Is Ex Prime Minister Sharmake Next To Be Arrested Over
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EXCLUSIVE: Is Ex Prime Minister Sharmake Next To Be Arrested Over "Treasonable Charges"?

A source within the Government  has exclusively told Radio Dalsan that there may be plans by government to have former Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmake arrested to face treasonable charges. The source who talked Radio Dalsan on condition of anonymity said a decision had been passed by the office of the Attorney General to issue an arrest warrant on Sharmake who currently is a Senator and an advisor to UAE on Somali issues. The Attorney General Ahmed Dahir on Sunday officially seek for the removal of immunity of two Mps to face treasonable charges. Addressing the media he said that two more politicians would be next in line but declined to mention names. Within twelve hours Wadajir Party leader and former Presidential candidate Abdirahman Abdishakur had been arrested. A third undisclosed politician remains free. Sharmake enjoys immunity to arrest as a Senator. Abdishakur and Sharmake are known to be close political allies. The former PM enjoys close ties with United Arab Emirates a country that is widely reported to have backed his 2016 presidency. Sharmake is said to have linked Abdishakur to the gulf state as his linkman while he was still Prime Minister. Abdishakur was arrested for allegedly receiving funds from foreign countries to destabilise Somalia. Sharmake the former two times Premier and son of former Somalia President Abdirashid Omar Sharmake.