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Ex Presidential Candidate Injured & Arrested, 5 Guards Killed In  Raid
Somali News

Ex Presidential Candidate Injured & Arrested, 5 Guards Killed In Raid

Government security agents on Sunday night raided the home of former Presidential candidate Abdirahman Abdishakur injuring him and later arresting him after exchange of fire with his bodyguards, Radio Dalsan reports. Five of the opposition leader's bodyguards were killed in the firefight with security agents identified as NISA. "He was in meeting with several Mps from our party when the raid occurred. He was injured on his hand and is now under Nisa custody" Ismail Farah Dirie the secretary of Wadajir Party told Radio Dalsan in a phone interview. "The government forces attacked our HQ with armed vehicles shelling the house for around 20 minutes with heavy guns and ammunitions so far 4 of our guards has(sic) been killed by Villa Somalia militia" Kamal Gutale the Chairman Wadajir party tweeted.   The MPs are said to have been meeting with their leader over Sundays press conference by the Attorney General seeking arrest of two opposition Mps. The security agents said they were acting on a warrant of arrest issued late Sunday by the Attorney General. Abdishakur is a former Minister and the leader of the opposition Wadajir Party.   The arrest comes in the wake of a clamp down on opposition Mps who had planned for a botched impeachment motion. Attorney General earlier in the day seek the arrest of two opposition Mps leading the push for an impeachment motion against President Farmaajo to face treasonable charges claiming they had been funded by foreign countries to destabilize Somalia.