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"People Say That I Should Be Deported, When Did I Become a Foreigner? And Where Am I Deported to?’’ Asks Sheikh Nur Barud

Sheikh Nur Barud Gurhan, one of the Somali religious scholars and also the vice chairman of the armed forces’ support committee said that speeches he made in different workshops have made an impact in country’s politics. He said the statements in his speeches that the members of parliament who are driving motions against the government to be stoned at their homes and that those who are against peace and take bribes from foreign governments to be forced to vomit the same, were badly translated by anti-peace people. He also mentioned stories about him that is trending in social media. ‘’these days I heard that people say that the sheikh should be deported. When did I become a foreigner? And where am I deported to? It’s a surprise and those who are behind are the ones who are against peace and are destroying the country’’ said Sheikh Gurhan.