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Code Of Conduct Workshop For Media Practitioners

Code Of Conduct Workshop For Media Practitioners

A code of conduct workshop to train news editors was today held at Mogadishu Hotel. More than 30 editors from different media houses attended the training that was organized by Somalia Independent Houses Association (SIMHA) and sponsored by International Media Support –Fojo. Among the things that were covered in the training were:
  1. The rights of the public to know the facts. This was said to be the responsibility of the media personnel.
  2. The journalist should differentiate news from personal opinions and news from business information that can amount to advertisements.
  3. The journalist should not publish news that targets certain political affiliation, religion, gender, rape victims or disadvantaged members of the society.
  4. The journalist cannot publish news about children without the consent of the parent or guardian. Also, he/she cannot publish news about members of the society who are prone to discrimination like people with HIV- AIDS.
The chairman of the Somali Media Houses Association Mr. Hassan Ali Gesey talked at the end the training and stressed on the importance the training has for the media personnel and that the points discussed will form the basis of a draft that will guide journalist and editors. Mr. Abukar Albadri who was representing International Media Support (IMS) also spoke at the meeting.