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Somalia Arrests 19 Alshabab  In Lower Shabelle

Somalia Arrests 19 Alshabab In Lower Shabelle

A security swoop conducted by Somalia security agents has nabbed nineteen Alshabaab militants in Lower Shabelle, Somalia Information Minister Abdrahman Omar Osman said on Thursday. The highest ranking militant is identified as the Amir of Afgoye Aweys Khadar Ahmed, the Amir of Afgoye district Other militants are identified as 1.Abdullahi Mohamud Mukhtaar (Ileey)
  1. Salah Abdulkadir Abdulle
  2. Mohamed Aweys Ali
  3. Mohamed Hussein Salad (Yemeni)
  4. Mohamed Ali Hassan
  5. Bakar Mohamed Yaqub
  6. Sakariya Salad Mohamed
  7. Aweys Kamal Muhiadin
  The arrest follows a series of US airstrikes in the region in the last one week. The region is expected to be used as a launching pad for what the Farmaajo administration says is the  final offensive against Alshabaab.