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US Hits Alshabaab Base In Fresh  Airstrikes

US Hits Alshabaab Base In Fresh Airstrikes

The United States Africa Command has issued a statement confirming it hit AlShabaab positions in Gaduud. "in coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia US forces conducted an airstrike in Somalia against Al Shabaab on Saturday Nov 11 approximately 4:30pm local Somalia time killing one enemy combatant" US Africa Command said in a statement. It was not clear who had been the target in the airstrike. "Prior to this strike US forces observed the AlShabaab combatants participating in attacks on a US and Somali convoy. US subsequently conducted the strike under collective self defence authorities" the statement read. There have been at least four reported airstrikes targeting the militants including the Puntland based  Pro ISIS group  in the last one week alone.