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Jubaland's Madobe Protests

Jubaland's Madobe Protests "UnIslamic Act" In Mogadishu Meeting

A commotion ensued at the beginning of a meeting between leaders of regional states and Federal government when Jubaland President Ahmed Islam Madoobe protested observation of a minute of silence to honour Somalis killed in the October 14 attack. Interior Security Minister Ahmed Juha had asked the leaders to observe the minute of silent but Madoobe declined on grounds that it was "UnIslamic act". A visibly angry Madoobe said the minute of silent observation was " a culture of the west". He criticised the Mayor of Mogadishu Thabit for wearing a red arm band in honor of the dead. The Jubaland leader has had an Islamist background having been part of the Islamic Courts Union and closely linked to the founders of militant Islamist Alshabaab.