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UN Calls For Dialogue Over Galmudug Crisis

UN Calls For Dialogue Over Galmudug Crisis

The United Nations on Sunday called on the Federal Government of Somalia and factions in the Galmudug crisis to resolve the ongoing stalemate through dialogue, Radio Dalsan reports.

In a letter signed by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia Mr. Michael Keating the world body said it was closely following developments in the central Somalia regional state.

"We strongly urge all stakeholders to enter into a constructive dialogue that will bring stability to Galmudug to resolve the issues you have raised and to establish a strong relationship that should enable Government and Federal member States to work together to advance Somalia's pressing political, security, economic and humanitarian priorities" a letter addressed to Galmudug state President Ahmed Haaf partly said.


The letter is in response to Haaf's correspondence to the world body dated 30 September seeking UN's intervention into the Galmudug crisis.

"The UN and international partners are also engaging with the Federal Government to deliver this message" Keating stated.


UN reiterated that relations between the Federal Government and the Federal Member states is of the highest priority.


Galmudug and Mogadishu relations were strained following the September 26 impeachment of Haaf by a section of MPs over the Gulf crisis.


Haaf accused Farmaajo's administration of interference.

A meeting by Federal Member States heads kicked off on Sunday in Kismayo to resolve the continued frosty relation between  Mogadishu and the regional administrations.