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Galmudug's Haaf Says VP Hashi

Galmudug's Haaf Says VP Hashi "House Arrest" Is For Own Security

President Ahmed Haaf of Galmudug region on Tuesday broke his silence on  the reported "house arrest" and travel restriction on Vice President Mohamed Hashi. "A third party may take advantage of the political tension that exists between the Vice President and myself. My Chief security advisor and Galmudug NISA Chief advised me to restrict the Mr Hashi and the Speaker for their own good" Haaf said. A delegation of MPs had met Haaf seeking the release Hashi and Speaker who had both recently fell out with President Haaf over his support for Saudi Arabia in the Gulf crisis. The VP and Speaker  support the Federal government neutral stance. The two were also alleged to have planned for the impeachment of Haaf while he was on his UAE trip last week.