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Somali Mps To Table Motion Against UAE Envoy For

Somali Mps To Table Motion Against UAE Envoy For "Criminal Acts" & "Interference"

A motion calling for the condemnation of United Arab Emirates Ambassador Mr.Mohammed Othman Al Hammadi is in the offing, a source told Radio Dalsan on Monday. The motion comes at a time when the political riffles following the Gulf Crisis threatens relationship between the Federal government of Somalia ab d regional states. MPs want the envoy to be held accountable for what they say amounts to  "criminal acts". UAE has recently sealed deals with regional states including the breakaway Somaliland including establishing a military base and now a section of MPs demand that Al Hammadi be summoned. UAE is accused of "ugly interference" through deals with regional administrations  that have threatened to create conflict between Mogadishu and the states. The Gulf state is also accused of arming and operating private militia on Somali soil. The motion reiterates that UAE is directly violating the unity and sovereignty of Somalia. The development comes a day after Galmudug  President Ahmed Haaf and his South West State counterpart Sharif Hassan Adan visited Abu Dhabi in direct negotiation for deals. Galmudug Puntland Hirshabelle have all defied the federal government neutral stance in the Gulf Crisis. They have publicly declared cutting ties with Qatar in support of the Saudi led coalition. Somalia government on Thursday rebuked the three states and said it was the sole authority mandated to speak on foreign Affairs. The states however allege they were not consulted in the decision making. Meanwhile UAE through its Ambassador is seen to be pulling strings to attract more regional states ever since Turkey took over as the biggest aid provider and development partner for Somalia.