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Ex President Mohamud To Meet SW's Sharif Amidst  Talk Of Motion Against PM Kheyre By Mps
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Ex President Mohamud To Meet SW's Sharif Amidst Talk Of Motion Against PM Kheyre By Mps

Former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is scheduled to meet South West State President Shariff Hassan Adan in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, Radio Dalsan has established. The agenda of the meeting remains undisclosed to the public but a source has reliably informed Radio Dalsan that Adan will be seeking support from the ex President ahead of a planned introduction of a motion against Premier Hassan Kheyre in Parliament. According to the source Adan is banking on MPs supporting the ex President to join a section of Parliamentarianism who are seeking to have Kheyre step down. "Mohamud has a significant number of Mps who back him and could sway such a motion if they decide join the anti-Kheyre bandwagon" the source who talked on condition of anonymity told Radio Dalsan. This will not be the first time that a seating Prime Minister has faced similar situation in the past. The last four preceding presidents Abdikassim Salat, Abdullahi Yusuf, Sheikh Sharif, and Hassan Mohamud ended up at political loggerheads with their Prime Ministers each having at least 3 Premiers during their tenure. But in the case of Kheyre there has been all indication that he has been in good working terms with President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo. Kheyre, thanks to a well organised PR system at the Office of the Prime Minister has been seen to be a more public friendly leader. Social media and mainstream media has been awash with photos of the Premier on the streets of Mogadishu sipping tea at a local tea shop with civilians, Kheyre cleaning up streets or seated on a mat having a meal with his juniors or in combat fatigue hugging an excited elderly civilian woman. Kheyre's PR system has managed to be interactive with the public. In a post on social media on Sunday the PM openly asked the Public to contact him on any matters regarding his office. Kheyre may have won the hearts of many in the public eye in his six months on office but in the ever dramatic Somali politics it remains to be seen whether a motion against Kheyre will see or not see the light of the day in Parliament. Meanwhile it remains to be seen what the outcome of the Adan-Mohamud meeting in Dar Es Salaam will come up with