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UN Envoy Affey  Calls For  Support  Of Uganda As Country Records Highest Number Of Refugees
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UN Envoy Affey Calls For Support Of Uganda As Country Records Highest Number Of Refugees

UNHCR Special envoy to Somali refugees Amb Mohamed Affey has called on donor governments to invest more in assisting Uganda cope with its more than 1.3 million refugees the highest in the region. Uganda has in the last 12 months taken the highest number of refugees in the world the envoy told Radio Dalsan in an exlusive interview. "The meeting appreciates the great generosity and hospitality of the Ugandan people and govt in hosting refugees Uganda currently has biggest refugee population mostly from South Sudan" Affey said in an interview ahead of the Uganda Summit on Refugees in Kampala. "International community must show solidarity and share the great responsibility of hosting and protecting the refugees" Affey said. President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is among the head of states attending the summit. "I hope the world will meet the expectations of the Ugandan people by responding to this crisis by way of finding necessary financial support for the millions of refugees in Uganda" the diplomat told Radio Dalsan. The Uganda Support Summit 2017 starts on Thursday and ends Friday. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, High Commissioner for Refugees Filipo Grandi, Ethiopia Premier Haile Desalegn, South Sudan President Salva Kiir host Uganda President Yoweri Museveni and donor countries representatives are expected at the Summit at the Munyonyo Resort. Uganda which hosts a large number of South Sudanese is said to have one of the most generous refugee policies in the region. Somali refugees have also been flocking into the country in the last ten years most having moved via Kenya.