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Politicians Split Over Ongoing Disarmament Exercise
Somali News

Politicians Split Over Ongoing Disarmament Exercise

Somali politicians have been split into two camps with one supporting the ongoing disarmament exercise and a second one calling for its end.
Radio Dalsan has exclusively learnt that 3 military commanders and former politicians in military cars and their soldiers fled Mogadishu  to Jowhar seeking to avoid the disarmanent.
"Its a good security measure. Whoever opposes this exercise is an Alshabaab sympathiser" Salad  Jelle told Dalsan
Ahmed Dai a former District Commissioner  said the operation is targeting Mogadishu politicians and has  a political agenda.
A major Pro disarmament demonstration has been planned for Sunday at the Benaadir Stadium and organisors expact a 30000 plus turn out.
On Saturday night the operation was conducted in Karan and Abdiaziz district.
The topic trended on Somalia social media and even here the it manifested itself that the country had been divided over the issue.
Abdihakim Ainte on #DisarmMogadishu tweeted.
"The only path to stabilize Mogadishu lies through sweeping disarmament approach. Government needs support on this" .
"Peace is the priority of our people" Fatma Ali tweeted if we need to see a oeaceful city of mogadishu we have to support the government" Fatma added.
This is the fifth disarmament exercise in Somalia since the fall of the Siad Barre regime.
The exercise failed when UNSOM conducted it in 1993. Abdullahi Yusuf adminisrarion and Hassan Sheikh's also failed